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Fifteen specimens, bred from larvte feeding in the seeds of .^m- brosia trifidi, from Cincinnati, Ohio, forwarded by Hiss Annette F. Tbe most prominent ia from inner fourth of cob Ih to inner third of dorsum, broader on dorsal margin. Fo Tewing; pale oobreons-brown or light fawn, with basal patch, middle and eater fascia black, the dark areas oatlincd by shining steel-blae metallic Kales. There are two gemioate costal spots before apex, rrom tbe inner a loet Blllc line margins terraen nearljtoanal angle; from tbe outer a short metallic line defines a darker apical spot; betweeii these lines is a streak or narrow bscia of reddish-hrown. Tbe paler fascia between these is narrower than the outer dark fascia, and is divided at its lower third, sending a branch to anal angle and one to outer fourth of dorsum, and enclosing in tbe fork a triangular darker spot. There are four blackish dota on costa in white area, and black scales are over each vein forming a terminal row, at the apei the black sealea are more frcqnent, Cflia dirty white, becoming fuscoos and black at apei. Hind wing; light coppery-brown, cilia whitish, underside gray, with ■ coppery deflection.

Kraun, and one specimen bred many years ago from tbe same seeds by Miss Mary E. There are two narroirer bands from beyond middle of eosta to dorsum of anal angle. The dark haul area is more or leas overlaid with brown scales ; it reaches to loner sixth on costs, is wideet abo Te middle of wing, ia sharpl; Inde Dted below middle. There ia a blackish preclliste line preceded by an irrogular mottled line. The metallic irregularly separates these lighter and darker areas, A short metallic line from costa before apex outline* a small brown spot. Hindwing: smoky brown, cilia white, with a dark baaal line; nndenide creamy-white, mottled and ontward atrigolated brownish fnscoua. Underside forewing; smoky black, with large paler mottlings on oosla and Six specime QS, Placer Co., Cat., May 1st, Vachell; Cisco, Cal,, June 1st, Yachelt ; Sa D Luis Obispo, Cal., March, Vachell ; Colo- rado, No.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Crabro dnctibellu B Fimvl 401 papngarum Viertdc 401 vicinlform U Vifrtti 381 Cryptophaftidie IT! externally reddish -sal mon ; antenna gray ; thorax reddish -sal ID on in front and base of palagii, the halance gray, speckled with white ; abdomen fuscous ; tegs speckled, cinereous gray and white. Hind wing: pale clay-yellow, the veinl overlaid with light t«rra cutta. This species mill go in the group of grandijlavana WIsm.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Ciiciijidie ITS Curco Ur(Hitiir 28a fcnialili 882 aacrator 282 Diic;m D)ill R ap Bchra Virrttk 386 Dfwncslid K 172 Deroinj'ia anduitipennia 280 plat Tptern 280 Dicbelonj-cha 248 mormon Fa O 246 tas Uceipe Dni B JWI 248 Dioctria ruflpc B Jona 276 Diptera, North America D 96,116 Dor. Forewing: inner two-thirds white, heavily reticulated with blackish fo Bcous, somewhat concentraled in two darker fascia al Inner fourth and middle, (be lat- ter is overlaid with dnll ocbreous wales on lower Iwo-thirds.

Above the outer limb of tbe fascia and the terminal spot, tbe space below coata Is covered with ochreons brown scales mottled with darker brown. Head : pale Uwa id riont, darker aver e;e and above ; palpi Tcrj pale fawo, a shade darker od oataide and apex; anlenna brow Dieb raecons, beeomi Dg dark gray at uater end ; thorax mottled, oehreous brown, black in oentre ; abdomen amoky black, anal taft whitlah above, cioereon* beneatb ; legs very pole fawn, banded and daited with fo Kuag. There \» a shade of doll sla(«-blae before and below it, and ■ few scales of the color ud its outer edjie be- neath Gosta. Expanse 17-21 mm, He«d, palpi and antenna grayiah-brown ; thorax gray, tips of taft and patagia pink ; thomi, golden-gray tufts of long scales, on side whitish, anal tuft golden- brown 1 legs cream-wbite, banded and dusted with dark brown. Tbe color of wing is nearly a uniform gray, with all marking obsolete, with the eye can be seen a faintly darker line from middle uf costa to anal angle; with a lens there Is a darker shade at inner fourth of coata forming an Inner fascia, entirely obsolete below middle of wiog, and along cosla slightly darker costal spots separated by a shade lighter gray.

The casta is marked with flne line and dashes from baae to apei. The bluish.nlightly shining ground color In this species Is in well-defined bauds ; before the middle a narrow transverse band, tietween which and baae ia another of same iciclth but more obscure. Forewi Dg; doll bluiah gray, with a traosverae broirn band from middle of coataloanal angle, narrow and blackish brown dd upper half, wldeatand Il Khteat brown on lower hal T; an oblique line of the hlnlsh ground color crosses this band an lower half of wing, cutting ot Ta triangalar spot on tbe dorsal margin. Betweeu the ilate-blue atreak aud dorsal mnr Kia the fascia is con- tinaed of liehr browo mixed with black. In the middle of ning before t«rmen is a darker shade.

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Cilia blackish above, brown at angle angle, with a bluish re Beclion. Tbia patch, by a darker brown sbade, forms a large lanace spot In middle of wing before termen, which Beads a long Hpur into termen at middle, another into anal angle, and in upper end is connec- ted witb the fawn-brown streak along coata. Head; pale fawn, mixed witb a few black scales on top; palpi pale Tawn, blackish on outer end of tuft and with a black dot abo Teon outside of second and flrst joinla ; antenna whitlsb-fawn ; thorax fawn in wbicb black is mixed ; ends of patagia paler fawn ; abdomen black Isb-fuscuns, posteriorly each segment edged with whitish; anal toft jell DWlsh-ochreo UB, darker at base; legs dark cream, banded and powdered with blackisb-browu, Porewing; pale olifaceous hrown or light fawn, mottled with black and crossed by a number of steely-blue metallic lines. Hod : dirk rose, ttnged witfa ochreous befaind, and tfae frnntkl sm Ips tfpped witb bluk; palpi dark rose, ochreoas within ; antenna Krayish-fngcons ; tbonii dark rose, ochreo QB Id centre ; abdomen lilvery-f DBCou B; legs cream -white da sled with dark brown. Beyond tbe fawla ^n ae Ters I ochreoai itrekka, tbe JDner co DDec Ct DK with an ochnoaa and black pal«b ; tbe oue from middle itf wi DK aenda a c Dr«ia|: fascia under coata to anal angle before tenncn. Head ; Terr Dfci nans nod black ; palpi pale ciuereoua, outer end of tuft and apical joint blitckisb ; auteana brownixh-fa Bcoas, black ieb at baae; thorax brown, puite- rior tuft block; abdomen fuscom ; legs yellow Uh-while. The outer two-dftbe is creamy- white, with a shade of fine fas- CODS dola before apei, divided by a line of raised ibininfc cream-white scales ; there is a small patch of leaden scales above middle of wing at end of cell, snr- ro Dnded by a ring of white raised scales, with a small tuft of the same above and below, the latter running to anal angle and continued along termen to middle. Inside of this pale fascia the basal area is mottled shades of brown, shaded outward! There i( a broken narrow band of black and brown scales from costal spofbefore apei to termeo heiow middle, crossed on veins 6 and 7 b; bluish lines ; in some specimens the bluish vein lines, with the black inlerspacesat their outer ends closely resemble the rim and spokes of a fifteen degree wheel s^ment. Dnderside wbit- iah-brown, darker along tcrnien and mottled below coata. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. 378 | immaculalis 367,374 j JDCUBali B 367.372 panllelui ffmi Oi 367. 367.368 rectal i* fimi Ui 367.375 nveraalis .''mi Ui 367. Cni Ui 368.376 BUbflavidftli B 368.378 tenali B Smith 368. .47 Proteopterji farr , "'■ar/oil 47 hancana Kearfo U 46 lancaaa Krarfott 45 mnncana Kearfo U 48 Proteoteras a Hionse £Mir/ul( 4S crv Kcnt Biia Kearfolt 49 naracana Kearfo U 50 toron UDB Kearfo U SO PMmmodi Da imbiruas Fa U 341 p Hlaphid K 166 Pwndatricbia ■ ■ ■ 100. Konh Americin --- -209 Pgycboda 325 ■Ibipu Dc Uta 310. 310,313 alternata 311,320 blcnlor 310.314 cinema 310,317 e Ufian B 310.317 Horidana Haieman 310. The latter is interrupted b; a streak of black scale* below apel. Tbero is a dot of blue in the latter near its upper edge, and an oblique streak of bloc crosses the dark apical shade from the costal spot before it.