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reports that the series is about two brothers, who are rivals, in their late father's wrestling promotion in a small town in Georgia. Both posing like we're getting ready to drop the hottest mixtape of 2017.

One of the brothers is a heel in the ring, while the other is a babyface.

With the mainsail and jib now flogging, the boat heeled over and with the spinnaker sheets over the side what options are open to you?

Is there any way you can recover the spinnaker or has the moment come to make an expensive decision and call for the halyard to be knifed at the mast?

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But with the focus now on hoisting the jib and preparing for the final drop of the day, no one has been looking aft to spot the next big gust.Keeping the kite dry during a spinnaker drop will be the goal of any crew, but even for an organised team it can get a lot more complicated, no matter how strong the wind.The long run on this inshore race may have started well enough, but with at least one spinnaker gybe required to get to the leeward mark the building breeze and short sea have caused plenty of boats to broach.First, he offered to lend her money to pay off the debt and pay him back at a lower rate.

Second, he taught her how to use a credit card properly going forward, by paying off each month’s balance in full, not just making the minimum payment.

Taking out a personal loan co-signed by a family member who has good credit may require more disciplined payback than borrowing directly from the relative, and paying it back can build your credit score.