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A nitrogen content test was also carried out as nitrogen content decreases with age and could give a relative idea of age.A wide variety of results found some of the pieces were much younger than others.Radiocarbon dating put a final date on the skulls, confirming that they were mediaeval in origin.The Piltdown Man hoax all began in the small village of Piltdown in England.The British scientific community faced the biggest embarrassment.Other scientists had already begun to doubt the authenticity of the Piltdown Man.The jawbone was found to be that of an orangutan and approximately 500 years old. Teeth and bones will absorb fluorine from their environment, when this happens the fluorine reacts with phosphate hydroxy-apatite (the main component of teeth and bones) to form fluorapatite.The amount of fluorine present in the fossils should match if they were deposited at the same time.

The two men had claimed the Piltdown Man to be the earliest human ancestor.Although the test could not give an absolute date the results were very surprising indeed.The cranial fragments had a much greater fluorine content than that of the jaw and therefore could not be from the same person.With the advent of a new dating technique - the Fluorine Absorption Test, the ageing of the finds was proposed.

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In 1949 the tests revealed that the skulls were actually only 620 years old and mediaeval.There were many things that went wrong with the acceptance of the Piltdown Man.

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